Grab Good Thoughts, Flush Bad Ones

Our minds face an endless stream of thoughts that pop up front and center like advertisements streaming past, trying to grab our attention. If a thought makes you feel good, then grab it and have a good day. If a thought is negative, "Just Flush It™" out of your mind.

What to Do If Bad Thoughts Invade Your Mind: "Just Flush It™" out of your mind – this is like changing the channel and waiting for the next positive thought to come along.

What to Do If Negative Thoughts Come Back: A thought may keep popping back in your mind. Get in the habit of flushing it every time it comes back.

What to Do – Details: When thoughts pop into your mind that you know will invoke negative emotions, get into the habit of flushing them out of your mind and replacing them with something inspirational – something that will bring a smile inside and out. You can choose how you feel, one thought at a time. You are what you think – if you only see things in a negative way, you'll be negative. If you think in a positive way, you'll be more apt to live a positive, stress-free life. It takes self-training – don't entertain the thoughts that stress you; rather, focus on the ones that relax you.

Benefits to Flushing Bad Thoughts: Choosing your good thoughts and flushing your bad ones gives you power over your health and your life. Healthy Living means more than watching your diet and exercise – it includes good mental health, as well. Too much stress can do real physical damage and shorten your lifespan. It can squeeze the life out of you by bringing on a sudden cardiac arrest.

Optimism Training: Training yourself to flush away negative thoughts doesn't happen overnight. To get in the habit of choosing only positive thoughts, you need to first recognize when you are having a negative thought. Then, quickly think, "I'm going to flush that thought." And do it. Just flush it out of your mind. This thought process makes room for good thoughts to get in.

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Peace of Mind is Just a Flush Away!


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